Issue 68 – Take Better Trades Using Confluence

September 9, 2021

Want to find better support and resistance areas? You know, the ones that trigger an immediate reaction from the market.

Who doesn’t, right?

That’s the focus of today’s issue. I’ll show you techniques I use to identify high-reliability support and resistance areas using confluence.

I’ll also provide updates on BTC, ETH, ADA, and DOT.

Let’s start!

What is Confluence?

According to Google, confluence refers to “the junction of two rivers” or “an act or process of merging”.

Both of those will work.

In markets, confluence refers to the intersection of two or more levels, indicators, etc. For example, it could be two moving averages or a trend line and a Fibonacci retracement that merge at a particular location.

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Justin Bennett

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About the Author

I'm Justin Bennett, a currency trader turned crypto enthusiast. My journey started with stocks in 2002. After limited success, I transitioned to currencies in 2007, which later became a full time trading gig. The journey continued, and in 2020, I committed to learning about cryptocurrencies. It was love at first sight. is the culmination of my love for cryptocurrencies, my passion for financial markets, and desire to learn and teach.

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